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At Jeju Island, South Korea, Jan 2020

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Alex Zhuowen Zheng

M.S Student in Computer Science @ Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 77843

B.S. in Engineering,
College of Electronic and Information Engineering(CEIE),
Tongji University, China

Mail: alexzheng [at] tamu [dot] edu


I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science at Texas A&M University, where I am honing my skills in Software Development, Data Science, Computer Animation, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Through rigorous academic projects and practical coursework, I have acquired a solid foundation in coding, algorithm design, and the application of artificial intelligence to solve real-world problems.

I am passionate about exploring innovative solutions through the lens of AI and am keen to contribute to forward-thinking companies that are at the forefront of technological advancement. With a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and a continuous desire for learning, I am actively seeking internship or full-time positions in the realms of Software Development and Artificial Intelligence.

I thrive in dynamic environments and am eager to tackle the challenges and opportunities that come with the evolving landscape of the tech industry. I am excited to connect with organizations that share my enthusiasm for harnessing the power of AI to drive positive change and deliver value.


[Aug 2023] Started my M.S in CS journey at Texas A&M University!

[June 2023] Gained my B.S in Engineering degree in Tongji University, Shanghai by successfully defending my undergrad thesis with concentration on Towards Panoptic Segmentation Algorithm for Vehicle-Infrastructure Collaborative Perception and received Straight-A grading on my thesis.

[Mar 2022] Joined UCInspire research program hosted by University of California, Irvine, under instruction of Prof.Ian G. Harris, with research topic in Textual Entailment of Natural Language Processing.

[Feb 2022] Joined SAIC Foundation Tongji Joint Intelligent Driving Project Research Team in Tongji University to conduct computer vision application in autonomous driving, responsible for high-precision semantic segmentation research on road surface features such as lane lines and zebra crossings, under supervision of Prof. Chao Wang.


Texas A&M University

M.S., Computer Science, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering,
Aug 2023 - Dec 2024(Expected), College Station, TX

Tongji University

B.Eng, Communication Engineering, College of Electronic and Information Engineering,
Sep 2019 - Jul 2023, Shanghai, China


Research Experience

Tongji University

SITP(Student Innovation Training Program)
Need Predication of Sharing Bicycle based on LSTM Neural Network/Research, Member
Oct 2019 - Mar 2021

SAIC Foundation Tongji Joint Intelligent Driving Project Research Team
Research Assistant
Feb 2022 - present

University of California, Irvine

Research Intern, Remote,
Mar 2022 - Jun 2022

Awards and Honors

2nd Scholarship of Excellent Undergraduate Student in 2021-2022 Academic Year
Outstanding Student Leader, Oct 2020

Language Skills

English, Fluent
Chinese (Mandarin), Native
Chinese (Cantonese), Native
Korean, Advanced
Japanese, Advanced



Owen Huang MSBA@Carnegie Mellon University
Yanjie Ze, UG@SJTU CSE
Fanpeng Meng, UG@Huazhong UST
Hongbo Zhu, ECE Ph.D. Student@HKPolyU
Qi Fang, MSCAC@U of Toronto
Zhendong Li, Statistics Ph.D. Student@Lehigh University


Music(various kind of genres!), golf, travelling, civil aviation, language study, racing